How to Train Your Knight: A Medieval Romance Novel

In the hours just before dawn, blasphemous curses echo throughout the stone manor and a knife clatters to the floor. There, a feisty young widow is bound, blindfolded, and led to the marriage altar.

The king couldn’t possibly have sanctioned this farce of a marriage, could he? After all, she alone transformed a few mud huts and starving serfs into a flourishing town, never once hesitating to pay generous taxes. Abandon her beloved people to be ruled by an ignorant Templar knight? Never!

A murderous witch for a wife? The Beast of Thornhill finds himself in the middle a cruel jest or an evil conspiracy. After returning from the Holy wars, he accepts the grant of a small parcel of land in return for saving the king’s life. But the reward comes with a strange warning regarding the estate’s mistress. Despite his insatiable attraction to the beauty, he allows her time before bedding while observing her forward-thinking ways. What if the king demands her death? What will he give up to save her?

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