Stella’s Crazy Summer Freebies and Deals Continues!

I just love summer.  I’ll be heading to the New Jersey Shore for the first week of July but don’t worry! Final Play will be done!


Final Play is Just 99 Pennies or Free on Kindle Unlimited

Encephalopathy? What’s that? A nice way of saying my f**kin’ brain has holes?

I don’t believe it. Sure, I’ve been knocked around a little. What player hasn’t? But if what the doc says is true, things have got to change because there’s no way I’m letting my new wife become my nursemaid. She deserves better than that, better than me. Whatever it takes, I’ll make her go. I’ll just have to become the a**hole I used to be.

What the heck is wrong with CJ? I need to tell him something really, really important but he keeps avoiding me, using his ‘game-focus’ as a lame excuse for not coming home. I know we talked about having kids, someday.  How’s he going to react when he finds out someday is right around the corner?

I know it looks bad but there is a HEA guaranteed, absolutely! This novella stands alone but a whole lot more fun if you’ve read the first two in the series.

Now for the Deals!!!

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Hi to All of You AWESOME folks who landed here today!!!

First of all, I say Good luck on the $25 Raffle.



Secondly, I’ve had so many friends and new authors ask me these few questions.

What is a Blog Tour?
It’s a whole lot of websites who’ve agreed to host your content for a day, or a few days.

How can I get myself one of those?
I thank for arranging this second of two wonderful tours.

I can get over forty folks to blog for me?
Well, it isn’t quite that easy. If you want to be successful, you should help promote the promoter! To do that, I suggest that you think to ‘give back.’ Create safe places where romance writers can post. You can make a Facebook page or a Goodreads group or a Pinterest board. Or find some new way! Tweet your favorite authors!


Medieval has never been better


Here is a list of bloggers who’ve agreed to share in my release day!! I have posted their Facebook and their Blog sites. I’ve also made sure to ‘tweet’ them all at least once today!

I’ve made sure they have a ‘never seen before’ excerpt!!!

You can catch us on FACEBOOK as well!!!


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