Romances by Stella Marie Alden

Night Owl Reviews. …Ms. Alden is now on my ‘go to’ author list. I can’t wait for the next story.”

D. Donovan, Midwest Book Reviews  …all the medieval romance books in the series are winners.

Reader’s Favorite …Stella Marie Alden has once again come out with an AMAZING book and I will be watching for more!

In’Dtale Magazine Five Star Review Rone Finalist …“Dark Vortex” is a sizzling paranormal must-read!


What is a Busted Play?

A term for an offensive play that fails immediately after the snap. Typically, a busted play is called when a particular player misunderstands the play call and attempts to run a different play. Busted plays are often catastrophic for the offense because the quarterback is left to adlib without the proper protection or a way to get the ball to another player. Busted plays can often result in a turnover due to the miscommunication between offensive players.


She’s my physical therapist, a nice girl from Iowa, and I’ll be damned if I can handle her sweet touches…

It’s none of my business that her ex locked her out and took everything she owned. What am I supposed to do? After my unfortunate accident, social media is all over me, just waiting for my next mistake. I even offered her cold, hard cash and she refused, suggesting I’m trying to buy her sexual favors.

Now she’s got this cockamamie idea that she could get back on her feet with a wedding. Pretending to be married might be just the thing to sweeten my side of a million-dollar deal so I offer my services. What I don’t figure on is those sweet baby-blues. The minute they focus on me, I’m toast.