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Her voice is too curt and her shifty look, downright confusing. I’m pretty sure she’s asking for help and it gets me to thinking. Four weeks ago, I almost lost her to hypothermia while her employer, my ex-roommate, chased her into the woods. What if he’s back? Maybe that’s why she’s acting so strange. Whatever the reason, I’m sure as hell not letting her go. To keep what’s mine, safe, I’ll fight to the death.

I thought my old boss was in an island in the Caribbean until he broke into my bedroom. Now, he’s threatening everyone I love, keeping me under surveillance, and intent on revenge. He may think he’s got the upper hand but he doesn’t know me very well. I’m not letting Xavier Cross destroy the best thing that ever happened to me. He may have blackmail but I got fifteen uncles with shotguns.

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The CEO’s Valentine will keep your heart thumping…
What a fuster-cluck. The billionaire arrives in New York to do one last solid for his dying father and the cheeky programmer could ruin everything. If her allegations of s@xual misconduct are true, the company can’t go public. However, the more he keeps an eye on her, the more she drives him wild. Work just got a lot more complicated.

It’s not fair that she works harder than any male and gets squat. When she complains to the new guy in human resources, he get pissed, not at the situation but at her. So, her mouth runs off about getting a lawyer which is all bullsh*t. She can’t afford one. That’s why she’s so surprised when he offers her a juicy assignment involving an overnight in a hotel. He’s hot and he’s not her boss. Nothing wrong with that, right? Still, she’s almost killed, not once but twice.

Maybe, this isn’t such a good idea after all.

Note: This novella is a complete story and does NOT contain cliffhangers. Beware of steamy scenes, cursing, and a plot guaranteed to make your pulse race. HEA guaranteed.


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