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This is me.

Just like every little kid, I pretended. The only difference with me? I never stopped.

One of most fun I had with my girls when they were little, was making their stuffed animals come to life. Even now, two of the favorite bears sit on shelves, waiting for the twenty-four-year-old to come home for a visit. Don’t be sad. They have the cats to talk to and I chat with them, occasionally. I think, as they grow older, they mostly sleep in a Peter Pan heaven.

I’ve had many trades; mother, wife, writer, librarian, electronics engineer, software architect, home repairman, psychiatrist, chief tear-dryer, career counselor…

But I love to write. I jump out of bed at 5:30 AM everyday, eager to go. I can’t wait to give those lovely couples a happily-ever-after. Nothing good comes easy, so they must struggle. Life is like that

I also enjoy working out almost everyday. My favorites are zumba, yoga, and running along a warm sandy beach in bare feet.

Log into the fun
Log into the fun

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